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House Concert with James Higgins and the Daft Rascals


James Higgins arrived in Bellingham 20 years ago after busking and gigging his way around Europe from Scandinavia to Spain, and from Ireland to Hungary. His most recent band, The Daft Rascals, focuses mainly on Scottish/Irish music, with Jamesí original songs sprinkled throughout. The Daft Rascals include Howie Meltzer and David Maguire. Howie knows more tunes than Bellingham has raindrops and is a master of contra-dance reels, jigs, and old-timey music. David is a multi-instrumentalist who grew up in the northeast where he joined the dots backwards with his musical influences before arriving at an eclectic cross section of jazz, blues, and rock, straight out of old-time weird America. Doors 7 pm.