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Fine White Powders - Slam Poetry & Pulp Storytelling

Solo Performance, Experimental/Perf. Art

Sugar is a fine white powder, and just like cocaine and heroin, it's all wrapped up in money and power. It's just been around for so long its dealers have gone legit: the cartels in Mexico might have narcocorridos, but the sugar dealers have national anthems. In this show, slam poet and teacher Naughty A. Mouse mixes poetry from his new, illustrated collection with storytelling bits from the history of sugar, and other fine white powders, into a yarn that will ensure you never look at dessert, or the Drug War, the same way again. *** Despite graduating from Princeton and USC Law, Jordan Bubin never let his schooling get in the way of his education. His passion is making knowledge accessible and exciting to everyone, so he hops on microphones as Naughty Mouse to educate, as well as entertain. He's currently on a three-month tour through the western U.S., so stop by the Revue on May 15th to catch his mix of performance art and public education!