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The Atlantics


The Atlantics are a of experienced musicians who enjoy what they are doing. With decades of stage experience, they know just what to do to make a good thing happen. This band has been together for 37 years. Try to name another local band that has enjoyed success and worked steadily since 1980. These musicians enjoy themselves, but take their music seriously. Carrying on the tradition of great Northwest dance bands, they offer some of the best, most infectious popular dance music of the last 50 years. They started out playing at the legendary 1890s in La Conner and The Magic Skagit Festivals that stopped the nuclear power plans on the Skagit. On any given evening with the Atlantics, crowds will hear their originals as well as their unique interpretations of songs by Ray Charles, James Brown, to the Beatles, and up to current hits by Jon Cleary, Robert Cray, John Hiatt, but this diversity has a common theme, dance-ability and fun. With over 100 titles on their current play list, this band can match the mood of any crowd.