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The Lucas Hicks Memorial Celebration

Community Event, Parade

Friday, February 9th, doors 6 m, Remembrance Ceremony 7 pm, followed by music and dance into the wee hours at the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship. Saturday, February 10th, 7 pm, Continued celebration and mass revelry at the Wild buffalo in conjunction with other downtown venues. Sons of Raineer, Deakin Nilles, The Crow Quill Night Owls, Reeb Willms and Kaleb Klauder, The Shadies, and more will perform. Festivities include remembrance, music, dance, parade, and shenanigans, in honor of our most benevolent, beloved, and inimitable friend, Lucas Hicks. All are invited to send photos or stories by post or email to: Reeb Willms 5015 NE Campaign St. Portland, Oregon 97218 For more info check facebook and/or