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Jes Stone: The Last Outrageous Woman - Fiction!


With help from a pierced, tattooed and dread-locked granddaughter, five senior women escape retirement home boredom and travel the world seeking to fulfill the one, secret desire each has always held. They journey from Florida to the Emerald Isle, and from Tasmania to the markets of Egypt. When their story goes viral, surfers, hitchhikers, priests and a Crocodile Dundee impersonator pitch in to help the “outrageous grannies.” Even Doctor Phil gets into the act. The ladies must outsmart relatives who seek to return them to senior living, and con men who see them as easy targets. Each traveler must face her own frailties, mortality, and the most important decision of her life. Jessica H. Stone (Jes) is a long distance sailor and author of the best-seller, Doggy on Deck – Life at Sea with a Salty Dog. Her writing is popular with travelers and dreamers alike. When not traveling or sailing, Jes writes in a cottage by the sea.