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Only 62 tickets are available for each event, so to give as many people as possible even footing, tickets will be issued by means of a lottery: LOTTERY WILL OPEN IN AUGUST: - Register online by clicking the showtime above, or at the box office at PFC or the Limelight. Once the cut-off date has passed, the lottery will be run on all valid submissions. Each individual chosen by lottery will receive an email with a link to purchase tickets. - Tickets must be purchased within 1 week of notification. Any tickets not paid for within that time frame will be forfeited and redistributed. A limit of two tickets per person will be enforced. Retired Mexican-American chef Martin Naranjo shares an L.A. home with his three gorgeous, but single, adult daughters. Though he long ago lost his ability to taste, Martin still lives to cook incredibly lavish dinners for his loved ones and to serve them in a family-style ritual at traditional sit-down meals.