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MOUNT BAKER THEATRE PRESENTS: An Evening with David Sedaris

Talks/Lectures, Comedy, Humor, Signing/Readings

David Sedaris, NPR humorist and bestselling writer, applies his unique perspective to everyday events and creates masterful comedic moments. Author of Naked, Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, Letís Explore Diabetes with Owls, Holidays on Ice, and many more, Sedarisí pieces appear regularly in The New Yorker and have twice been included in The Best American Essays. There are over 10 million copies of his books in print, and they have been translated into 25 languages. Encounter the sardonic wit and incisive social critiques that have made David Sedaris one of Americaís preeminent humor writers. The great skill with which he slices through cultural euphemisms and political correctness proves him to be a master of satire and one of the most observant writers addressing the human condition today.