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Animals, For the Family, Variety Show, Stunts, Dogs, Music

The Olate family story is a heartwarming rags-to-riches journey. Richard Olate was 12 years old and extremely poor when he rescued the first of the street dogs who would eventually rescue him. Through hard work and constant struggle, he took his amateur dog show from his home of Chile to the United States at age 33 and found success with his touring dog variety show—all the way to the $1 million America’s Got Talent prize. Son Nicholas and wife Rebecca help deliver this high-energy, fast-paced canine theatrical act filled with amazing dog tricks, human acrobatics, and humor. Find yourself thoroughly enchanted by these fuzzy-faced winners of America’s Got Talent and their hardworking owner-handlers. The Olate Dogs are named for Richard Olate, who has been adopting and training dogs since childhood. Truly a family act for all ages, this show features Richard, his wife, his son, and their ever-growing crew of rescued pooches intent on thrilling audiences and promoting animal welfare.