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MOUNT BAKER THEATRE PRESENTS: Celtic Nights—Oceans of Hope

Country/Folk, Classical Dance, World Dance, New Age, Music, Film, Celtic, Irish

Music and dance intertwine the stories of people crossing oceans in search of freedom and prosperity in Celtic Nights—Oceans of Hope. Told through Irish eyes by some of the Emerald Isle’s finest performers, this sweeping production explores the journeys of those who left their lives behind and traveled across the seas to the New World. This magical voyage captures the very essence of who we are and what we share: laughter, sorrow, family, and hope. Join the trek of a spirited people with a stubborn survival instinct amidst ballads, jigs, and colorful storytelling. From famine-burdened Ireland to the wild, fertile lands of America and Australia, this outing paints a vibrant picture of the triumphs and trials of Irish heritage in the New World and beyond.