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"Gender Revolution" movie showing

Community Event

Free showing of National Geographic's "Gender Revolution with Katie Couric." In spring of 2016, Couric attended the series premiere of the network’s "The Story of God" with Morgan Freeman, where she met Nat Geo CEO Courtney Monroe. The pair struck up a wide-ranging conversation that ultimately sowed the seeds for "Gender Revolution," a partnership of Katie Couric Media, National Geographic Studios and World of Wonder Productions. The two-hour deep-dive explores the complexities of gender in everyday life — across generations, social strata, the nation and the planet. To better understand this complex social and scientific issue, Couric crisscrossed the country, talking with scientists, psychologists, activists, authors — and, in the program’s most moving segments, families likes the Fords — to learn more about the role of genetics, brain chemistry and modern culture on gender fluidity. Panel discussion follows.