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Lindy Hop- Back to Basics

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With more than 20 combined years of swing dancing in both Bellingham and Seattle, over a decade of teaching swing for WWU Swing Kids, 5 years of marriage, and 2 young children, Kevin and Alissa Stock are ready start a new adventure - sharing their love of Lindy Hop with the Bellingham community through ABCDance! Their 5-week swing dance series "Lindy Hop: Back to Basics" is geared toward adults with no swing dancing experience or those who are familiar with some Lindy Hop moves but want more practice going over great fundamental principles. This 5-week series will cover foundation moves like Lindy Circle and Swing Out in-depth, and will build on those to train students on Promenades and Inside & Outside Turns. You do not need a partner to participate in this series! Kevin and Alyssa’s teaching style emphasizes building connection and momentum with your dance partner(s). Their instruction also covers staying grounded in the music to grow both confidence and skill on the dance floor.